SEs Celebrate Christmas With You!

Santa Claus is coming to town! This winter, SEs have prepared a variety of products and services to satisfy your needs. Support SEs and enjoy the seasonal delight!

Food Boxes and Gifts

  1. 愛烘焙餐廳
  2. hc: Bakery
  3. 共廚家作
    Sharing Kitchen
  4. 安其兒有限公司
  5. 公平棧
  6. 公平點
    Fair Circle
  7. 生活‧好點
    Good 4 Life
  8. 好好社企
    Good Goods
  9. 博愛Café
    Pok Oi Café
  10. 土作坊
    Ground Works
  11. 明愛天糧包餅工房
    Caritas La Vie Bakery
  12. 悅購網
    Cheers Point Net
  13. Leonidas
  14. FarmFresh 330
  15. 樂融融烘焙
    Bakery Fusion

Flowers Hampers/ Handicrafts

  1. 兩生花
    Rinato Eco Floral Shop
  2. 微型森林
    Micro Forest
  3. 手晴家
    3H Handicraft
  4. Alchemist Creations
  5. 愛連心
  6. 心思良品
    Smiling Heart
  7. 明愛藝坊
    Caritas Artland
  8. YC18

Catering Services

  1. 青新駅
    New Creation Depot
  2. 園景軒餐廳
    Y Garden View Lounge
  3. 銀杏館
    Gingko House
  4. 好.廚房
    Good Kitchen
  5. 香港循理會社會企業
    FMC Social Service
  6. 樂廚坊
    Joyous Kitchen
  7. 天晴茶座
    Café Sunny

For more SE information, please visit the online Social Enterprise Directory or download the Directory’s mobile application. You may also click here to refer to SE information posted at “SEs' Products and Services for Christmas and New Year under Tithe Ethical Consumption 2018”.

(The above SEs are listed in no particular order)