The Friends of SE Awards

The Friends of Social Enterprise Award Scheme was organised in 2011 and 2013, aiming at recognising the efforts of individuals and organisations in supporting Social Enterprises (SEs) so as to encourage cross-sectoral collaboration. To further foster the spirit of “Friends of SE”, the Home Affairs Bureau and the Social Enterprise Advisory Committee organised the Social Enterprise Award Scheme in 2017, under which a total of 28 awardees (individuals and organisations) were presented “Friends of SE” awards.

List of Awardees:

Social Enterprises Partnership Programme

Through the Social Enterprises Partnership Programme (Partnership Programme), the Home Affairs Department (HAD) hopes to enhance and facilitate partnership among different sectors of the community.

The HAD will provide SEs with business advisory services to enhance their competitiveness. The mentorship scheme will assign mentors, who are volunteers from the business or professional sectors, to mentees (i.e. SEs) according to their needs. The mentors will provide guidance and advice to mentees on how to deal with the problems and difficulties arising from running an SE. The mentorship period will last for nine months, during which mentors and mentees will meet at least three times.

Apart from this, HAD also encourages business organisations to partner with SEs or to provide assistance to SEs. The partnership can be in the form of outsourcing certain operations (e.g. cleansing service) to SEs, providing concessionary rental of their premises/vacant land for use by SEs, allowing SEs’ access to their clients, etc.

Anyone interested in the Partnership Programme may contact the Social Enterprises Promotion Unit of the HAD:

Address:  31/F Southorn Centre, 130 Hennessy Road, Wan Chai, Hong Kong
Tel. No.:  2835 2461
Fax No.:  3583 4506
Email Address:

Social Enterprise Summit

The Home Affairs Bureau (HAB) organised the first Social Enterprise Summit (SE Summit) in 2007, and has been providing funding support for the organisation of the SE Summit as an annual event since 2008 to enhance public awareness of social enterprises (SEs). The SE Summit has become an important platform for facilitating cross-sectoral collaboration for SE development. To step up our efforts in promoting SEs at the district level, a community-based promotion programme was implemented as an initiative since 2014. Community forums, district workshops and walking tours were organised in respective districts. Leaders from the business and SE sectors in the districts joined hands with local community bodies to set up a sharing platform for SEs, with a view to promoting the culture of “Business for Good” and a caring community.